What is a Film Disc Cutout?

A film disc cutout, sometimes called an antifuse, can be thought of as a backward acting fuse. It blows on over voltage, not over current. When the film disc cutout blows, it shorts. It does not open like a regular fuse.

How it is used?

A film disc cutout, or antifuse, is used in series lighting. For example, series lighting is used on an airport runway. The runway is 2 miles long and there are lights spaced 100 feet apart. There is series lighting on each side of the runway, down the middle of the runway, side markers, taxiways, etc.

The Issue: If one bulb went out in the series, all of the bulbs went out.

The Solution

The film disc cutout, or antifuse, eliminates this problem by being placed in parallel with the light bulb. When a bulb blows in series lighting, the voltage rapidly rises due to the lack of current flow. The film disc cutout, or antifuse, detects this high voltage and shorts leaving the rest of the lights burning. This easily allows a technician to know, exactly, which bulb has blown in the series. Film disc cutouts come in 4 different breakover voltages ranging from 30V to 390V.

Film disc cutouts can be purchased at Meridian Electric Inc.

* These film disc cutouts are manufactured in the USA by http://www.filmcutouts.com and are in no way associated with General Electric Company, Crouse Hinds or any of its affiliates. These numbers are for cross reference only.

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